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Welcome to this project.

If you are a project member, some of the things you can do are:

  • Participate in a discussion
  • Browse and contribute source code

If you are a project owner, you can do the following:

  • Add or invite new project members
  • Create discussions
  • Edit project configurations and settings
  • Create announcements for all project members

If you are not a project member yet, request a role to get started.

Project home page

This page is the Project home page. The Project home page is the project's focal point and should contain information that the project owner wishes to share with members and non-members alike.

Your project home page content is fully editable. Because project home pages can be customized, it can be adapted to your project's specific needs. Use this page to publish the following types of suggested information:

  • Project overview and mission statement
  • Orientation information for new project members
  • Recent project notes
  • Links to other specific project content documents

At the beginning of the Project home page, it is recommended that the owner describe the nature and goals of the project. As the project grows and evolves, the home page can also evolve to contain up-to-date news and team information.

Project News
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